April 2014

CaseWare Day

We would like to thank everybody for participating in the annual CaseWare Day event which was held at the Sporting Club on 25 April 2014.

During the event we were able to demonstrate the many ways with which CaseWare products can assist with the day-to-day activities of an accounting firm, providing efficiency, swiftness and accuracy which are vital in today’s business environment.

The presentations from the event are attached below.

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CaseWare Day 2014 Photo Gallery

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CaseWare Day 2014 Presentations

Download Collaborate-on-CaseWare-Cloud 970.00 kb
Download Connector-presentation-2014 404.27 kb
Download CaseWare-Tax-Froms-Presentation-2014 1.23 mb
Download FS-presentation-2014 862.81 kb
Download TIME-2013-Presentation 905.67 kb
Download Audit-Presentation---Casware-day-2014 1.65 mb
Download Capital-Statements-presentation-2014 386.76 kb
Download CaseWare-SmartSync-2014 514.75 kb
Download Ενημέρωση από το ΣΕΛΚ για τις πρόσφατες εξελίξεις 10.78 mb
Download CaseWare Day 2014 Invitation 236.06 kb




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