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Combining social networking, client portal, document management, engagement tracking and dashboard mining, CaseWare Cloud is a secure web-based collaboration environment for accountants and auditors.




What is CaseWare Cloud?

CaseWare Cloud is a secure web-based collaboration environment that greatly improves the way your staff work together and with clients.

With hassle-free updates, any-device access and new ways of tracking your engagements, CaseWare Cloud elevates your collaboration efforts to a whole new sphere.

What is CaseWare Collaborate?

Built-in to CaseWare Cloud, CaseWare Collaborate is a set of web-based applications that offer an impressive amount of engagement collaboration tools in one centralized solution. Out of the "box", you'll get:

  • Enterprise social networking
  • Full client portal
  • Document management
  • Engagement tracking
  • Dashboard mining
  • Central management of staff and clients
  • And more!

What's best, it's all accessible from any device, always with the latest data. For more information about the CaseWare Collaborate solution, click here.

What is Review on the Go?

Review on the Go* is an online application that lets users review engagement content through the convenience of a web browser, with no need to download the full engagement file.

Whether you're reviewing programs, checklists, spreadsheets or statements, Review on the Go is an easy and efficient way to review information, create issues and sign off.

*Review on the Go requires Working Papers with SmartSync 2013
What is Time on the Go?

Time on the Go is a web-based application that lets users manage their time and expenses through any device, including a smartphone!

Will there be more apps down the road?

Yes, CaseWare will be creating new CaseWare Cloud applications as well as adding functionality to and improving existing ones.

What about CaseWare desktop applications (e.g. Working Papers)?

CaseWare Cloud becomes even more powerful when combined with the desktop version of Working Papers with SmartSync. Staff can work on local Working Papers engagement files with all changes seamlessly synced to the master CaseWare Cloud copy of the file. For more information about SmartSync technology, click here.

Review on the Go can also be used to review engagement content through a web browser, with no need to download the entire Working Papers file.



At CaseWare, we take the security of your data very seriously. The following information addresses the measures we take to ensure that it remains secure. To read our full Privacy Policy, click here.

Where will my engagement data be stored?

Your data will be stored in state-of-the-art data centers operated by Amazon Web Services.

What type of controls are in place to protect this very sensitive and confidential data?

Amazon provides physical security and logical security controls at the infrastructure layer. The platform is covered by a SSAE 16 report (done by Ernst and Young) and is PCI Level 1 certified, ISO 27001 certified, and compliant with all major security control frameworks. For details as to their security, click here. For more information about their compliance, including assurance programs and third-party attestations, reports and certifications, click here.

What about backups?

Full backups of every client system are run daily.

What kind of encryption is used?

Data that is transferred to and from CaseWare Cloud is 100% encrypted at the same strength used in online banking.


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