Caseware Audit International
A powerful and efficient "out-of-the-box" solution for performing assurance, analysis and reporting engagements.
Caseware Financial Statements
Highly flexible Working Papers component that offers everything expected from an accounts preparation package.
Caseware Tax Forms
Offers a unique way to manage the completion of your clients' Tax Returns in Cyprus.
Caseware Cloud
Web-based collaboration environment for accountants and auditors, offering social networking, client portal, document management, engagement tracking and dashboard mining.

Our Products

Working Papers

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Caseware Working Papers is flexible project management software that integrates everything you need to conduct assurance and reporting engagements.

It provides a one-stop location for your data – which allows for real time collaboration, direct scanning, online review, efficient clean-up, sophisticated lock-down and advanced roll-forward. Access to all the information you need during an engagement is readily available, with data linked so that any changes you make flow through to all related documents.

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Financial Statements

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Developing financial statements and reports is a key task for many accounting firms – one that has come under greater scrutiny in recent years. Many organizations spend significant amounts of time to ensure that financial information is accurate, reliable, and supportable, particularly when information is maintained in a number of independent documents, spreadsheets and working paper files.

Our solution helps cut down on the complications associated with financial reporting. Financial Statements Template enables you to produce camera-ready financial statements in compliance with IFRS immediately after you’ve imported your trial balance data.


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Tax Forms


Caseware Tax Forms is a template that offers a unique way to manage the completion of your clients' Tax Returns.


The process of completing and submitting Inland Revenue forms is simplified by the use of a number of special features.
Tax return can be completed and validated in Greek or English. Special Ministry Finance approval means that completed returns can be printed and submitted manually to the Inland Revenue. Alternatively completed returns can be exported in batch to XML files and submitted electronically via the TAXIS net system.

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Audit International


Combined with Caseware Working Papers, Audit is a powerful and efficient "out-of-the-box" solution for performing assurance, analysis and reporting engagements.

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Capital Statements

Capital Statements is an easy to use tool which makes the preparation of Capital Statements a simple and error free process and produces Capital Statements in a format which is acceptable by the Cyprus Tax Authorities. The Capital Statements can be exported to various formats for use by other software, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

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Caseware SmartSync™ is a file synchronization system that enables audit and accounting firms to collaborate simultaneously on centralised client files. Teams can work on local copies of a file in real-time, while each file is synced automatically in the background. 

All historical changes as well as who changed what are tracked, whilst no one in the team needs to wait for anyone to pass on a file or return to the office. When working offline, all changes are updated as soon as a connection to the network is re-established.

When combined with Caseware Cloud, distributed teams can seamlessly collaborate together on the same engagement, wherever they are, at any time.

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Connector is a quick and easy way to link Working Papers information into documents generated by Word or Excel.

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Caseware Time performs the complex functions an accounting practice requires in a simple, easy-to-use manner that doesn't require a financial background. Time can handle any practice-management challenge in practices both small and large.

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CaseWare Cloud


Combining social networking, client portal, document management, engagement tracking and dashboard mining, Caseware Cloud is a secure web-based collaboration environment for accountants and auditors.

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t h1 CaseWare IDEA



Whether you’re an auditor, accountant, finance or data analysis professional, making sense of your organization’s data can be a challenge. Gathering and importing information from numerous sources and formats, identifying the trends and outliers, and tracking every step of your analysis are just some of the hurdles.



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Founded in 2017 as a concept, Circit aimed to create a platform validating asset ownership across the entire financial services spectrum. The year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Circit secured approval from the Central Bank of Ireland, becoming the inaugural Account Information Service Provider (AISP) under the PSD2 regulation and Open Banking in the UK. The subsequent year, 2020, witnessed an impressive 400% growth in revenue for Circit, accompanied by a threefold expansion of the team.

Looking ahead to the next decade, a monumental transformation is anticipated in the global financial system, characterized by the integration of financial technology into every business. Trust and identity are poised to play pivotal roles in facilitating seamless transactions aligned with market expectations. The forecasted shift involves leveraging automation through Open APIs, AI, and smart contracts, effectively eliminating manual processes. This evolution aims to empower businesses and their advisors to focus on their core strengths, contributing to a secure and sustainable future.


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IRIS Business Services Limited


IRIS Business Services Limited is one of the first provider of full professional XBRL products and solutions to organizations globally. The company headquartered in Mumbai, India with international offices in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

IRIS is a direct member of XBRL International and XBRL US. The Company has over eighteen years of proven expertise in the financial information management space, providing customized technology solutions for data and content management, for the dissemination of information to investors and stock exchanges, and for effective content management to institutional clients.

Over the last seven years, IRIS has been very closely involved in the XBRL space, in taxonomy creation, software solutions and in the conversion of structured and unstructured data into XBRL for SEC filing in the US. IRIS has multidisciplinary skills in XBRL as well as in technology. Taxonomy experts, software engineers, business analysts and accountants come together to provide a complete range of products and services across the XBRL supply chain.


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 Money CMS Shield CMS 



Protecting your business and its image from the risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and building long lasting relationships with your customers, with mutual gains is a key for success in the modern financial world.

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