Capital Statements

Capital Statements is an easy to use tool which makes the preparation of Capital Statements a simple and error free process and produces Capital Statements in a format which is acceptable by the Cyprus Tax Authorities. The Capital Statements can be exported to various formats for use by other software, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

CaseWare Capital Statements Template Key Features

  • Can accommodate periods of up to 15 years
  • Inconsistencies between net assets, income and expenses are presented by year assisting the user in identifying correcting errors prior to the finalisation of the Statement
  • Statement can be produced and checked by year and later on printed only for the whole period in total
  • Automatic calculations save time
  • Standardises the preparation of these statements thus reducing potential mistakes and omissions
  • Less experienced users find it very easy to learn and use as there is no risk of amending  calculations in User mode
  • Extra lines may be added (or deleted) in notes whilst in User mode
  • Update from library option in cases to incorporate a new version without loosing input data
  • Incorporates  sample:
    • engagement letter
    • declarations by taxpayer 
    • audit report

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